85K Bet on Tiger Woods

 There are several games played where players bet on sports wins, therefore sports betting has its share of some great gambling stories, especially with golf.

The debt-ridden James Adducci, whose mortgage was unpaid and he had outstanding student loans to repay, used his life’s savings of $85,000 to wager on Tiger Woods’ game during the Masters in Augusta, Georgia in April 2019. In the end, he won more than $1.2 million.

A few days before the masters, Adducci had watched the games leading up to the tournament and he had a hunch Woods would win, so he decided to place his first sports wager after gaining his wife’s reluctant approval. In fact, he made the decision a month before to go ahead with the project. Adducci had put a great deal of thought into the decision. It was evident during Tiger’s performance at the Tour Championship that he was doing well, and he seemed to be in good spirits.

As well as the performance he had during that time, he took into account other factors that you cannot measure through statistics, such as his motivation. Although he was paying attention to the stats, his focus wasn’t on them. Because this was his first major tournament in front of his children, he was confident that he would win.

Several publications reported that the Wisconsin day trader used everything he owned to flee his hometown for Las Vegas, and even took a shared Lift to hit the Vegas streets in search of casinos that would accept his bet. Eventually, William Hill decided to accept the wager on behalf of SLS Las Vegas Hotel & Casino. As a result of this move, the sportsbook paid out the largest payout in the history of its U.S. operations for a futures wager.

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