WingSuit Flight Through 2M Hole – AKA Come Fly With Me!

After watching Free Solo, I think I gained an insight or two into the extreme sports mentality. It’s certainly not for me, but I appreciate that some people just want to push what is thought possible, and feel the exhilaration of a life on the edge. In this July 2015 clip, Uli Emanuele,  who won the Extreme Base Jump World Championship Spain 2010, demonstrates this mentality in full flow by base jumping through a two meter hole in a cave. Yes, you heard that right, he flew through a tiny 2 meter wide hole at tremendous speed. It has to be seek to be believed. Sadly as with many hellraisers Emanuele eventually pushed his luck too, and the base jumper died the following year during another stunt. He’s already carried out 60 jumps that year, and so eventually the probability was that eventually something had to give.

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