Thumbs Up to the Thumb Wrestling Championships

If you’re like me, you’re well into the staples of sport. Football leagues and big games, perhaps a bit of rugby here, an athletics championships there. The Olympics.  Boxing. Essentially mainstream sports where ‘you know what you’re getting on the tin’ so to speak. Of course though once in a while something will come on that’s a little different and catches your attention. The soap box challenge for instance, is a sporting challenge and event that both entertains and yet has a competitive aspect to it.

If you’re open to a broader range of sports though, you start to stray into competitive and yet slightly madcap sports like Thumb Wrestling. In this BBC Sport video we explore this weird and wonderful sport during the Thumb Wrestling World Championships in Norfolk. The competition is best of three rounds and a ‘professional thumb ring’ is used (well, would you expect anything less!).  To a cry of “1,2,3,4, I declare a thumb war” the duel then begins.

4-time world champion Paul Browse guides us through this wacky world, from training regimes (lots of thumb ups!) and the thrill of lifting that thumbs up trophy!

“If you’ve not got a big strong thumb, then a small thin, agile thumb is just as good as that” enthuses the worldbeater!





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