Ex-Wasps player scores 65-yard touchdown

Christian Wade experienced much success in his in time as a Rugby Union player for Wasps (scoring 497 points in 165 experiences) , scoring 82 tries in Premiership Rugby placing him third highest on the most tries record list. He also played for England at various ages ( Under 16, England Under 18 and England Under 20) and ran the 100m in 10.8s as a teenager.

Wade is an ambitious soul compared to many, and decided in 2018 to give up his UK Rugby career but head stateside. By 8th April 2019, he had signed a professional contract with the Buffalo Bills in the NFL as part of the International Player Pathway Program. And what a debut he made. On his ‘first carry’ in a per-season against Indianapolis Colts he scored a memorable 65 yard touchdown. Check out the footage below:


Perfect Reaction

that man laughing from r/WatchPeopleDieInside

I can only dream of being as jubilant as this man


Acrobatic Clearance by Kyle Walker

If this isn’t a lesson in never giving up, then I don’t know what is!

Thumbs Up to the Thumb Wrestling Championships

If you’re like me, you’re well into the staples of sport. Football leagues and big games, perhaps a bit of rugby here, an athletics championships there. The Olympics.  Boxing. Essentially mainstream sports where ‘you know what you’re getting on the tin’ so to speak. Of course though once in a while something will come on that’s a little different and catches your attention. The soap box challenge for instance, is a sporting challenge and event that both entertains and yet has a competitive aspect to it.

If you’re open to a broader range of sports though, you start to stray into competitive and yet slightly madcap sports like Thumb Wrestling. In this BBC Sport video we explore this weird and wonderful sport during the Thumb Wrestling World Championships in Norfolk. The competition is best of three rounds and a ‘professional thumb ring’ is used (well, would you expect anything less!).  To a cry of “1,2,3,4, I declare a thumb war” the duel then begins.

4-time world champion Paul Browse guides us through this wacky world, from training regimes (lots of thumb ups!) and the thrill of lifting that thumbs up trophy!

“If you’ve not got a big strong thumb, then a small thin, agile thumb is just as good as that” enthuses the worldbeater!