Galopin Des Champs eyes up Gold cup Glory!

In sport there’s nothing quite like the big event. Whether it’s cheering on England in the Euros or World Cup, or an underdog story like the recent Luke Littler excitement in the World darts championship, there is definitely something indefinably great about witnessing the pinnacle of sporting achievement and all it takes to get there. The Sport of Kings of course is no different and this laugh inducing video from Betway acted as useful reminder that the one and only Cheltenham Festival will soon be upon us once more. Doesn’t time fly?

I’m sure we all have our memorable moments of Cheltenham over the years, and mine has to be Best Mate winning the jewel in the crown Cheltenham Gold Cup not once, not twice but three times in a row. Showing my age I may well be, but it’s not often you get to witness such a feat happen in real time. Of course for those tuning in this year it’s possible that Galopin Des Champs could take a further step in treading that path by ‘doing the double’ (as in repeat his 2023 Gold Cup win), so that in itself is a piece of history in the making. Other contenders might have a thing or two to say about that though. Personally, with with regard to Cheltenham odds, I like the look of Gerri Colombe at 8-1.

I’m sure there will be a few office sweepstakes going going across the country over the course of Cheltenham, but whether there is or isn’t in yours its certainly not a bad time to place a bet. The big festivals have a habit bringing out generous free bet and bet bonus type offers to attract those wishing to have a punt. So if you want to ramp up the excitement level a little, this it a great time to do so. Place your bets now please!

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