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Iconic Racing Pundit John McCririck Dies

If you live in the UK and are a fan of racing, you’ll certainly know who John McCririk is. The face and voice of horse racing punditry over the years, McCririk’s style, a combination of enthusiastic and pantomime agitation, made him one of the most recognised people in racing.

In later life he tried his hand at other challenges, one of which was memorable appearance on Celebrity Big Brother UK (twice – in 205 and 2010), other included Question Time and the Weakest Link. Not shy of controversy, he started his career in racing as an ‘illegal street bookmaker’, before going legit on course.

An award-winning journalist with the Sporting Life, John joined ITV in 1981 before moving to Channel 4 in 1984 where he remained until 2013. He passed away on Friday, July 5, aged 79 and will be sadly missed by many, including his wife Jenny, who he affectionately called ‘The Booby’.

Wayne Rooney’s Still Got It – Halfway Line Goal!

When Rooney moved stateside many saw it as a twilight years type move and that his best was in the past. Well, there may be something to that, but it’s all about levels and last year he almost singlehandedly dragged the DC United team into the Eastern Conference playoffs. This was from a position of bottom place prior to his joining.

Yesterday we got to see another glimpse of brilliance and what he has to offer the team, via a half way (in fact beyond the half way mark) line goal. The spectacular goal proved to be the winner in the game and is in fact the third such goal Rooney has scored in his career. It’s clear that he still has plenty to offer the sport!

Frisbee Trick Shot

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Brodie Smith is no strangers to viral videos via his frisbee trick shots and the like. The former American Ultimate Disc League player has certainly achieved that with this neat trick where he catches a frisbee that he throws around the entirety of an ice hockey rink! Half of the battle is in thinking up these crazy ideas I’m sure!